"Sounds kind of Pink Floyd, but with more balls."

Established in 2007 by USA East Coast born lead singer/guitarist/songwriter, Greco, this band’s sonic tapestry yields from it’s own loom. FRACTURED VISION’s influences range from illustrious art rock explorists such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, ELP, Asia and Peter Gabriel era Genesis to modern musical passioneers such as Enigma, Breaking Benjamin, Chevel, Three Days Grace, Kill Switch Engage, Delirium, Devin Townsend, Red and others - this is a band who absorbs and infuses their music without the bounds of era.
Lead singer Greco’s intense, passionate vocal delivery is contrasted with an intimate connective call of raw expectant melody, - an aural draw that seats the audience in a state of sheer musicality and meaningful lyrical reason. Backed by a deceptively unconventional approach to rhythm and lead guitar work, Greco’s creative presence is fulcural earth in the foundation that is FRACTURED VISION.

Drummer, percussionist extraordinaire Lou Diamond provides the ostensive rhythmic drive behind FRACTURED VISION’s extrospective aphoristic march. Lou Diamond draws from an extensive repertoire of beat induced influences in formulating his adrenalin-laced musings. Whether it be sweet and mellow, hard and quick, he knows when and where to place the sticks. Rhymes aside, Lou Diamond is a died-in-the-wool pro who articulates the pulse of FRACTURED VISION with high octane artful class.

FRACTURED VISION is currently has two released out, their debut EP “Age of Fear” and their 14 song LP “L.U.C.”. They can be found touring locally in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as successfully establishing an International presence both on and offline in the corporeal world.